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On January 20, 2020, WHO published an interim guidance about home care for patients suspected with novel coronavirus, there is a reference to the breastfeeding mother and the coronavirus on page 1 at the bottom in footnote 4. See copied below.


Home care for patients with suspected novel coronavirus (nCoV) infection presenting with mild symptoms and management of contacts Interim guidance 20 January 2020

"An exception may be considered for a breastfeeding mother. Considering the benefits of breastfeeding and insignificant role of the breast milk in transmission of other respiratory viruses, the mother could continue breastfeeding. The mother should wear a medical mask when she is near her baby and perform careful hand hygiene before close contact with the baby. She would need also to apply the other hygienic measures described in this document."

哺乳中的妈妈可能例外。 考虑到哺乳的好处,而且母乳传播其它呼吸道病毒的机会极微, 妈妈可以继续哺乳。妈妈靠近宝宝时, 应当戴上医用级口罩,亲近宝宝前严格执行手卫生。同时,妈妈也需执行文中所说的其他卫生措施。

《症状轻微的疑似新型冠状病毒(nCoV)感染 患者的家庭护理及接触者的处理 临时指南 2020年 1月 20日》


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